We are greeting to have you as our new partner-MEXC! HeroesTD’s team is so excited about what can we be able to make in the future.

MEXC Global is an international digital asset trading platform that has obtained compliance licenses issued by the governments of the United States, Canada, Australia, Estonia and other countries.

MEXC Global is known as a virtual currency exchange, focusing on cryptocurrency services. Currently, MEXC Global is one of the top 10 most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

MEXC is an exchange registered in Singapore. Since its establishment, MEXC has been licensed to operate in the country:


MEXC currently has the most coins listed on the exchange. And it is also the brightest exchange for cryptocurrency-loving traders. The exchange is fully licensed, researched and built by senior experts in the blockchain sector. MEXC has always been praised by traders as a provider of safe and intelligent exchange services

Professional coin investors in Vietnam commented that MEXC Global is the exchange that helps traders make a lot of profit. In fact, as of now, there has not been any news that MEXC is a scam, or any mixed comments about MEXC.

MEXC Global is fully committed to creating a fully user-centred experience by listing high quality crypto assets and providing a safe and secure platform for users to trade in.

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