Due to the huge support from HeroesTD community, who has contributed more than 5 million entries in our previous bounty phases, HeroesTD team has decided to increase the bounty prizes and add extra NFT Boxes for the last phase of Bounty event! In addition, all gold bounty winners of all phases will also be whitelisted for NFT Box as well.

Thank you all for your support!

✨Congratulations to the top winners of phase 2✨

Please check our leaderboard for the final result: https://bit.ly/30GpAU0

The third phase drops from Nov 19th to Nov 25th, 2021:
💎 Ruby: Top 100 Entry Scorers
🌟 Sapphire: Next highest 510 Entry Scorers
✨ Gold: Next highest 2500 Entry Scorers
⭐ Silver: Higher than 70 Entries in Gleam.io
⭐ Bronze: Higher than 50 Entries in Gleam.io

Gleam: https://gleam.io/Bqm8H/heroestd-bounty

For the Silver and Bronze Bounty – you can claim at 11 am (UTC) daily – when you reach to higher than 50 Entries (Bronze) and 70 Entries (Silver)
For the Ruby / Sapphire / Gold – the final tracking score will be recorded at 5 am (UTC) 25/11/2021.

Based on the leaderboard, HeroesTD Bounty will be granted to players who are eligible!
Important Update: all Gold Bounty can be staked to be whitelisted and buy the Blind Box after IDO

For FAQ, check this link for details: bit.ly/31H3qkG

🏆🏆🏆 Join and claim BOUNTY at: https://dapp.heroestd.io/bounty

🏆🏆🏆 Check your current rank at: https://heroestd.io/bounty-leaderboard (Update daily at 11 AM UTC)


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