We are honored to announce that we have teamed up with STECH. HeroesTD is so delighted to have strong support from STECH as an official partner.

STECH is a company specializing in investment and development of technology Plating projects for industries based on its strengths in user development and the ability to solve Growth Hacking problems. The company’s main core value is its intellectual resource, the company’s biggest capital is human value and intelligence.

STECH aims to provide significant financial returns to investors and customers through investment in small and medium-sized private enterprises that lack capital and support the business after investment in terms of management. STECH will flexibly create and promote new investment opportunities that have not yet appeared in the market. STECH may also seek investment opportunities in shares of public companies and shares in state-owned enterprises prior to initial public offering for equitization if these enterprises are of medium and small size.

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