NFT Game Project to Gain Significant Attention before Token IDO Launch


Singapore, Nov. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CG STUDIO PTE. LTD., a special event was held by the HeroesTD team to spread information about their GameFi project before token public distribution. Through this IDO Countdown event, HeroesTD made a closer approach to the community, enabling everyone to have an overview of the current GameFi market, especially to capture outstanding and attractive points of the game. With the participation of more than a hundred guests who work as blockchain and GameFi specialists, the online event attracted particular attention from Vietnamese and international gamer and crypto communities.

At the event, speakers shared lots of advantageous information and their perspective on NFT games as well as opportunities and challenges of the GameFi market. Most importantly, HeroesTD’s Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Phong Dinh also conveyed a general description of the project and remarkable achievements obtained up to the present time. Only in the token private sale round, HeroesTD immediately raised a total of $2.2M, which marked the initial success of the project. Noticeably, after a short time of being introduced to the community, HeroesTD has reached over 300,000 members on social channels.

Not only was it highly appreciated by leading technology experts in the country, but HeroesTD was also inspired and complimented by global influencers like Michael Owen and Fabrizio Romano. The interest of these celebrities in the project is considered a testament to its potential as well as development opportunities.

“We are really amazed and honored to gain special attention and strong support from the international community. This is a motivation for the HeroesTD team to keep striving to bring the best experiences and benefits to the community. We believe that our project can make a milestone for the Vietnamese game market,” said Mr. Phong Dinh.

Above all, details surrounding the upcoming IDO launches were revealed in the event for those interested in the project not to miss this amazing investment opportunity. HeroesTD (HTD) token IDO will be launched on several platforms on November 28, 2021. With first great achievements, HeroesTD is believed to become one of the trend-leaders that will revolutionize the game production business, making it no longer an industry where both producers and players can get rewards.

About HeroesTD

HeroesTD is developed by the CG Studio team which consists of outstanding and experienced members. Founded in 2013, the team has been working in developing mobile games and blockchain technology for a long time. After developing casual games and world trending games, since 2015, they focused more on building online strategy games and published some titles such as GunGun Online, Chess TD, etc. These are mid-core strategy games with attractive gameplay, which have accumulated more than 6 million downloads on the mobile stores, and are still counting.

As a collectible tower defense strategy game, HeroesTD creates a brand new play style, where players can collect and build their deck to win. In HeroesTD, players can join a community to play with each other, create new unique NFTs and trade with the others to get real money, and most importantly, have a lot of fun.

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