We are so excited to announce that our $HTD will add Liquidity on Pancakeswap and the others at 15:00 UTC, November 28, 2021. $HTD will be listed on:

  •  PancakeSwap: trading pair: $HTD/$BUSD
  • ONUS: trading pair $HTD/$USDT
  • KAIDEX: trading pair  $HTD/$KUSDT 
  • MEXC: trading pair $HTD/$USDT

To avoid scams, please make sure that you import the right Token Smart Contract: 0x5E2689412Fae5c29BD575fbe1d5C1CD1e0622A8f

Please note that it is recommend that you should wait until the price is more stale, at least a few minutes or more after 15:00 UTC, November 28, 2021. Do not sccumb to FOMO to avoid unexpected risks.


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