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HeroesTD is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory. Below are some recommendations of experienced users for you to take reference of how to optimize the strength of Ragnar. If you have better ways to build Ragnar, please do not hesitate to share with us and other users for better game playing and earning.


Ragnar is a Hero with the great ability to make your opponent annoyed because his 2 skills of support and defense totally help him and his allies survive when in combat. Ragnar’s support skill provide the squad with a living shield, allowing allies to attack better without encountering too many obstacles.


Ragnar is a Hero that specializes in siege, so all Defensive equipment are suitable for him. Especially equipment that add health stats are extremely important to Ragnar. The items that add AP stats also work quite well with this Hero’s skills. In short, this is a Hero that is not too picky about equipment building.

  • Set 1: Void Cuirass – Gigamesh – Magician Cape (Support)
  • Set 2: Fairy Slasher – Ancestor’s Faith – Bloodborn (Defense)
  • Set 3: Optional


Ragnar can be selected for siege-oriented (defensive) runes such as Frost Armor Rune or Critical Block Rune. In addition, an indispensable rune for this Hero is Guardian Sign, this rune will help him better survice to lengthen time for allies.

  • Set 1:  Frost Armor Rune – Guardian Sign – Seal of Refraction (Optimized) 
  • Set 2: Seal of Refraction – Ancestor’s Relic – Megamorph Sphere (Better Support)
  • Set 3: Juxtapose Chipped – Seal of Refraction – Megamorph Sphere (Annoying enemies)


The Enlightened class will be the most suitable class for Ragnar because Mana Recovery is extremely important for this Hero. Thanks to this class, Ragnar’s siege ability becomes much more dangerous. However, you can still use classes that increase Physical Damage to better support to clear waves of creeps. Besides, the best thing is still to bring classes that match the classes already available in the squad.

  • Optimized: Enlightened
  • Alternative: Slayer – Warlord – Assassin


This Hero’s health stats is also very high, so Brawler Origin will be the best choice for Ragnar. Alternatively, you can also consider using Fabled to confuse your opponent. Reviver can also be considered if you have many Heroes from this Origin in your squad.

  • Optimized: Brawler
  • Alternative: Fabled – Reviver – Mystic – Vanguard