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HeroesTD is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory. Below are some recommendations of experienced users for you to take reference of how to optimize the strength of Zandalor. If you have better ways to build Zandalor, please do not hesitate to share with us and other users for better game playing and earning.


As a Hero with good Defense thanks to his skills, Zandalor will obviously be one of the heroes with a very special siege ability. If Hero is equipped with Origins for Defense, they will resonate and become much more powerful.


This Hero’s stats are well compatible with Attack Speed, so all the equipment that increases Attack Speed should be prioritized for Zandalor. In addition, this is also a Hero with a strong siege ability, so the Defensive stats can also be considered as an alternative.

  • Set 1: Alphatic Firepower – Wingfield – Gem of Memories (Optimized)
  • Set 2: Void Cuirass – Bloodborn – Fairy Slasher (for Seige)
  • Set 3: Bone Crusher – Balista – Gem of Memories (both Seige and Defense) 


Because this is the Hero with the ability to control the creeps per attack, Multishot Rune should be owned for this Hero. In addition, Juxtapos Chipped is also a good combination with Zandalor because the Hero’s siege skill helps him not suffer damage when the skill is cast.

  • Set 1: Multishot Rune – Apperentice’s stone – Lionheart (both Seige and Defense)
  • Set 2: Frost Armor Rune – Juxtapose Chipped – Guardian Sign (for Seige)
  • Set 3: Lionheart – Apperentice’s stone – Megamorph Sphere (both Seige and Defense)


Classes that increase Attack Speed are the good choices for this Hero. Alternatively, classes that help increase Attack Damage can help clear creeps on the road.

  • Optimized: Duelist
  • Alternative: Assassin – Warlord – Slayer


Reviver will be a perfect choice for Zandalor because he has the ability to dodge Attack Damage and reduce damage suffered, no one will want to have to kill Zandalor again after he has been defeated. The weakness is that you need to have more allies to be able to activate Origin Reviver. Alternatively, you can use Defense-boosting Origins or use Fabled to add more annoyance to your opponent’s defensive team. Or you can also use Origin Ninja for Zandalor because this Origin’s stats will resonate quite well with his siege attack.

  • Optimized: Reviver – Ninja
  • Alternative: Fabled – Guardian – Divine

TARGET TYPE: Random/ Front


  • Can both seige and defense
  • The longer the match, the greater the advantage.
  • High win rate if all the necessary factors are met
  • Low death roll rate thanks to up to 4 Heroes that can clear the wave in early game
  • Many different ways of playing


  • When death roll appears, it is easy to lose from the first wave (for example, Ragnar is a death roll Hero)
  • Very afraid of squads with strong ability controlling
  • Lack of making obstacles on way from Wukong
  • To get a complete team, many conditions are needed => you may need more money to buy a good Zandalor