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HeroesTD is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory, and by which earn tokens. HeroesTD Developers have established a game token system which will be briefly clarified in this blog, which may help you have a clear understanding of how to earn through playing.


Basically, there are 5 tokens in HeroesTD, which include: eCGC, eHTD, CGC, HTD, and IGC.

1. eCGC and eHTD

These 2 tokens are in-game tokens. Users can collect eCGC and eHTD when playing games and swap them into CGC and HTD by HeroesTD Dapp ( with 1:10 exchange rate, which means:

  • 1 CGC = 10 eCGC
  • 1 HTD = 1 eHTD

eCGC can be collected when users involve in in-game activities, including Battle Modes and Daily Quests.

eHTD can only be collected when users are on the leaderboard tops.

2. IGC

IGC is the in-game token for users with non-NFT Heroes. IGC helps traditional users experience all game features without having any relation to the blockchain market.


Users can earn eCGC (if user have NFT Heroes) and IGC (if user have non-NFT Heroes) when joining in-game activities which include Battle Mode, Co-op Mode, Daily Quests,….

The amount of tokens that users earn depends on the RARITY RATE of their Heroes and the POINT at which they are ranked. The calculation will base on the below formular:

X = (Factor1 + Factor2 + Factor3 + Factor4 + Factor5) * Point

  • X: Number of eCGC or IGC coins received
  • Factor 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Factor of rarity of each Hero in the team corresponding to the table below
  • Point: The point earned from the Battle Modes and Daily Quests.

1. Point

  • eCGC (or IGC) earned in this PVP Arena Battle Mode will based on the Points table below:
  • eCGC (or IGC) earned in this Co-op Mode will based on the Points table below:

2. Factor of Rarity Rate

  • For Origin NFT Heroes:
  • For NFT Heroes:
  • For Non-NFT Heroes (to earn IGC):

3. Example of calculation

If your squad include 1 Origin Common (OC), 3 Super Super Rare (OSSR), and 1 Rare (OR), joining PVP Arena Battle Mode with ranking point of 1200 – 1399, the amount of eCGC users will earn will be as follows:

X = (3 + 3×6 + 4) * 3 = 75 (eCGC)