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HeroesTD Wiki is where you can easily get all the necessary information about the game. Get to know of how to utilizing this website:

1. Card Info

In Card Info section, you will know about the Hero Stats, PVP Pick Times, PVP Winrate, Coop Pick Time, and Coop Max Wave.

Here, you will know which Hero is preferred by users and know about his strengths and weakness, based on which can select a suitable Hero for your deck.

2. Items

2.1. Item Recipes

Here you can select two random Items into the following form and simulate summoning as often as you want, to get an idea of what outcome to expect.

This will be the outcome of your new Hero when you start to Summon Heroes.

2.2. Items Table

You can base on this Items Table according to the below formula to see the expected outcome when combining the 2 Items.

2.3. Items Recipes (By Items)

Here you can see all the possibilities of each Item when combined with another Item. Additionally, you can read the details of each Item in the description box.

3. Leaderboards

In Leaderboards section, you can search for your in-game names to see your Ranking Points, Win rate, Played, and Wins.

You can also see all of other user’s information here.

4. Builder

You can build your dream team here with the Items, Runes, Classes, Origins, Target Types as you want. Based on this, you can buy the suitable Heroes on Marketplace.

5. Simulator

In Summon Simulator section, you can select your 2 NFT Heroes you want to summon and start trial summon here to see the possibilities of your new NFT Hero.

You can summon as many often as you want to see all the possibilities of your new NFT Hero.

6. Recent Coop Match

You can follow the details of every Coop Match here.

7. Recent PVP Match

You can follow the details of every PVP Match here.

8. Warning list and Ban list

Here you can see the Game Cheaters who have been Warned or Banned Forever for a more fairplay environment for gamers.