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HeroesTD is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory. Below are some recommendations of experienced users for you to take reference of how to optimize the strength of Leah. If you have better ways to build Leah, please do not hesitate to share with us and other users for better game playing and earning.


With the feature that the skill damage will depend on the number of hits caused, it is obvious that the equipment that increases the Attack Speed will be the priority for Leah. Leah will be a real “killer if she owns the Multishot and Critical Magic runes.


Leah has the ability to deal damage with a surprisingly large area. Her damage source depends a lot on attacks, so equipment that increase Attack Speed and increase Ability Power (AP) are really necessary for this Hero to be able to utilize her full power. In addition, equipment that increase Attack Damage can also be used well by Leah because Leah’s basic Attack Speed is quite high.

  • Set 1: Zeal blade – Alphatic Firepower – Magician Cape
  • Set 2: Bone Crusher – Destiny Blade – Jambiya
  • Set 3: Alphatic Firepower – Destiny Blade – Jambiya


Multishot Rune proved extremely effective on Leah. In addition, runes that increase the ability to deal Magical Damage and increase Mana will be the runes that need to be prioritized for Leah. Defensive runes don’t really work with Leah. Depending on the situation, you can choose other types of runes if you don’t have the best rune set.

  • Set 1: Multishot Rune – Magic Critical Rune – Apperentice’s stone
  • Set 2: Multishot Rune – Hunter’s Treasure – Wicked Charm
  • Set 3: Multishot Rune – Joomong’s Eyelash – Astral Rune


Classes that increase Attack Speed and Magical Damage will be the right choice for Leah. Duelist and Elderwood will be 2 perfect classes, in addition, you can also use Assassin class if Leah already has a Magic Critical Rune. Fortune is also an interesting choice if you want to “use money defeating enemies”.

  • Optimized: Duelist – Elderwood – Fortune
  • Alternative: Assassin – Slayer – Warlord


Leah is not too picky about Origin so you can use any Origin for her. To optimize the team, you can see what Origins other Heroes own and base on that to select Origin to activate the corresponding effects.

  • Optimized: Fabled – Vanguard
  • Alternative: Dragon Soul

TARGET TYPE: Random/ Front