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HeroesTD is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory. Below are some recommendations of experienced users fro you to take reference of how to optimize the strength of Hunken. If you have better ways to build Hunken, please do not hesitate to share with us and other users for better game playing and earning.


Hunken can be built in both Physical and Magical Damage directions. However, it is sure that this is one of the Heroes with the ability to be extremely scary. The more he hits, the stronger he is, so Attack Speed will play an extremely important role for this Hero.


Attack Speed and Attack Damage are all Hunken needs. Other equipment won’t have much effect on Hunken.

  • Set 1: Zeal blade – Magician Cape – Alphatic Firepower
  • Set 2: Magician Cape – Zeal blade – Zeal blade
  • Set 3:  Alphatic Firepower – Alphatic Firepower – Zeal blade


Multishot Rune and Apperentice’s stone will be the 2 runes optimized for Hunken. The other runes will be optional.

  • Set 1: Multishot Rune – Apperentice’s stone – Hunter’s Treasure (strongest)
  • Set 2: Multishot Rune – Apperentice’s stone – Talisman of Demolition
  • Set 3: Multishot Rune – Multishot Rune – Apperentice’s stone


Classes that increase Attack Speed and Attack Damage are all Hunken needs.

  • Optimized: Slayer – Duelist
  • Alternative: Assassin – Hunter


As a completely Defensive Hero, Hunken will need to choose Origin to support the rest of the team

  • Optimized: relevant to other allies
  • Alternative: relevant to other allies

TARGET TYPE: Front – Weakness – Strongest