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HeroesTD is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory. Below are some recommendations of experienced users for you to take reference of how to optimize the strength of Balthazar. If you have better ways to build Balthazar, please do not hesitate to share with us and other users for better game playing and earning


Balthazar is a Hero with the ability to Crowd Control (CC), you should equip things to increase his Ability Power (AP) when he casts skills. Besides, to activate CC effectively, Balthazar needs to use his skill at the same time so Wizard is the prior Class for Balthazar.


You should equip items for Balthazar which increase his initial Mana and AP. If you don’t have any of those items, don’t worry you can totally turn Balthazar into an seiging hero due to his fast moving speed, this will make the enemy’s heroes that have Front target focus on him. Then other Heroes will be protected and go straight to the enemy’s gate

  • Set 1: Magician Cape – Fortune Striker – Sacred Tome
  • Set 2: Defiance – Wind Dancer – Hero’s Pendant
  • Set 3: Aeon Duster – Fortune Striker – Heavenly Grace


Balthazar is a Hero creating damage in a wide area so Runes that boost AP are one of the priorities for this hero. Wicked Charm is the rune he should have.

  • Set 1: Wicked Charm – Ancestor’s Relic – Magic Critical Rune
  • Set 2: Wicked Charm – Lionheart – Astral Rune
  • Set 3: Megamorph Sphere – Frost Armor Rune – Megamorph Sphere


If there are at least 2 bomb thrown in the same position, it will cause a stun in wide area to crowd control (including other same hero’s bomb) so Class Wizard is the most powerful class for Balthazar. You can also use Class Elderwood because of its ability: enhancing skill. Excluding those Classes, you can use the same classes of the rest of your allies to optimize the damage for your team.

  • Optimized: Wizard – Elderwood 
  • Alternative: Same Classes with the allies


Balthazar is not too picky so you can consider giving Balthazar any Origin you get. Having the same Origin with other heroes in the team is better.

  • Optimized: same Origins with allies 
  • Alternative: same Origins with allies


He is a hero with low Physical Damage so Random target will be the best choice for him to avoid increasing mana for the enemies, making them difficult to cast skill.