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HeroesTd is a strategy game in which users have such a variety of ways to build and develop Heroes in order to best fit with the squad you are holding to achieve Victory. Below are some recommendations of experienced users for you to take reference of how to optimize the strength of Fangorn. If you have better ways to build Fangorn, please do not hesitate to share with us and other users for better game playing and earning.


Fangorn can help you defend in the early game extremely effectively thanks to his tree traps. In the later stages of the game, this walking tree trap will be an extremely strong shield, helping you effectively siege thanks to its impressive healing ability.


Defense equipment will be a perfect choice to help increase the siege ability of this Hero. He will become “a moving wall”, making it extremely difficult for the enemies to defeat him. You can also use equipment that increase Mana and Magical Damage for this forest god, this will be a “weird” build so consider before using it, but it will also be very interesting.

  • Set 1: Gigamesh – Sacred Tome – Bloodborn 
  • Set 2: Ancestor’s Faith – Bloodborn – Void Cuirass 

  • Set 3: Fairy Slasher – Bloodborn – Hero’s Pendant


Runes specialized for Defense will be the necessary runes for this Hero. Seal of Refraction, Guardian Sign and Regeneration Rune will be 3 important runes for Fangorn, you should prioritize them for Fangorn. In addition, you can use Lionheart and Icewind Talon to make this Hero become a supporter.

  • Set 1: Seal of Refraction – Guardian Sign – Regeneration Rune
  • Set 2: Frost Armor Rune – Megamorph Sphere – Guardian Sign
  • Set 3: Magic Critical Rune – Icewind Talon – Lionheart 


You can use Enlightened Class for Fangorn because Fangorn will likely drop more tree traps, which means that the damage dealt by this Hero will be extremely dangerous. In addition to the Enlightened Class, you should optimize the Fangorn’s class with the same classes as the rest of the team.

  • Optimized: Enlightened
  • Alternative: same Class with the allies


Ninja and Fabled are two extremely powerful Origins for this Hero, helping him increase his survivability tremendously. In addition, Brawler and Vanguard will also be 2 popular choices for this Hero.

  • Optimized: Ninja
  • Alternative: same Origin with the allies