First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to all of our investors who have always supported us since the very first beginning. We always listen and appreciate the contributed ideas and feedbacks from every user and investor. That is such a huge motivation for us to never stop trying. In this March, we will have a BIG NEW UPDATE with a lot great features, events and benefits for HeroesTD-er. We believe these changes will make HeroesTD great again.

The agenda covers 3 major updates:

  • Game Development
  • Events to spend CGC/ HTD
  • Benefits for NFT Bounty Owners

Let’s get started:


As to balance the strength between Heroes and also diversify in ways of gameplay, we have made these major changes which will be updated in the next version released soon in March:

1. Target Type Update: The Heroes with Target Type Strongest will not change the target until the strongest creep is killed.

2. Hero Mana Mechanism Update: Mana will be boosted when Hero finishes the normal attack.

3. Baseline Critical Damage Update: Deal 150% => 100% additional damage

4. Grievous Wound Update: Grievous Wound will also has impact on the HP buffing effects.

5. Runes Update:

  • Hunter’s Treasure: For Boss, the maximum damage of this Rune is 100. Each typical Rune will add in maximum 50 damage.
  • Lionheart: decrease Added Attack Speed: 15% => 12%.
  • Chain Lightning: decrease Lightning damage: 25% => 15% of magical damage.
  • Multishot: decrease damage of the extra shots: 25% => 20%.
  • Seal of Refraction: decrease HP max: 20% => 15%.

6. Heroes Update:

  • Zandalor: Zandalor only has a 30% => 20% chance to stun the target
  • Anub: decrease Attack Speed: 0.5 => 0.44 (which means in 1 second Anub can make 0.44 normal attack), increase basic HP: 120 => 125, decrease HP max when up level: 30 => 25.
  • Lucia: Lucia can decrease 40% current Mana of the enemies when casting skills.
  • X: X will recover his skill immediately if the previous skill can finish the enemy’s creep. The damage of the next skill will decrease 50% compared to the previous skill.
  • Fangorn: Trees of Fangorn can only have effect on maximum 5 targets.
  • Balthazar: Damage of Balthazar will decrease if the targets are far away from the boom center area.

7. Class Update:

  • Wizard: Decrease the effect of the second skill of Class. This is applied for the damage, control time, skill lasting time,…

3 Wizard Heroes: the second skill will have 25% effect of the first skill.

5 Wizard Heroes: the second skill will have 40% effect of the first skill.

  • Assassin: Decrease critical rate

1 Assassin Hero: +30% critical damage and 20% => 10% critical rate

3 Assassin Heroes: +40% critical damage and 30% => 15% critical rate

5 Assassin Heroes: +50% critical damage and 40% => 20% critical rate

8. Origin Update:

  • Reviver: Immediate earn money when the Hero with Reviver Origin is killed
  • Fabled: Decrease the effect of Fabled Origin:

2 Fabled Heroes: 30% => 20% to burn 10 mana

4 Fabled Heroes: 40% => 30% to burn 10 mana

  • Ninja: Decrease the effect of Ninja Origin:

2 Ninja Heroes: 15% => 12% dodge

4 Ninja Heroes: 25% => 20% dodge

9. Boss Update:

  • Dragon: After a period of time, Dragon will choose a random Hero and lower one Star. If that hero only has one Star, he will be killed immediately. Dragon has 50% effect resistance. Dragon flying in the sky will not be affected by the obstacles and skills on the ground.
  • Snake: After a period of time, Snake removes all slow effect and moves fast to the front side. During the moving, Snake will not be affected by any single-target slow effect (which means Snake is still affect by AOE slow effect). Snake has 80% effect resistance.
  • Orc: After a period of time, Orc will stun 2 random Heroes. Orc has 50% effect resistance.
  • Grim Reaper: Grim Reaper will target a random Hero. After 5 seconds, that Hero will be killed. Grim Reaper has 50% effect resistance.
  • Spider King: After a period of time, Spider King will create several baby spiders. These baby spiders have 50% effect resistance.

10. Coop Update: completely fix the bug that the Heroes do not target enemies correctly


We have 2 events taking place at the same time, and the CGC you spent on summoning will be counted for both events


  • Time: 5:00 UTC February 25, 2022 – 15:00 UTC March 06, 2022
  • Rule: Top 10 Users spending the most CGC during the event will receive NFT Orbs.
  • Conditions: the minimum CGC needed to spend is 5000 CGC
  • Rewards:

Top 1: 2 SR x SR Orbs (Summon Count: 3)

Top 2: 2 SR x SR Orbs (Summon Count: 2)

Top 3: 1 R x R Orb (Summon Count: 2)

Top 4 – 10: 1 R x R Orb (Summon Count: 1)


The more you summon, the more discount you receive!

  • Time: 5:00 UTC February 25, 2022 – 15:00 UTC March 06, 2022
  • Rule: for the high Summon Count, we have some discount for the fee as follows:
  • Promotion:

Summon Count 3 + 4: discount 20% summon fee

Summon Count 5 + 6: discount 25% summon fee

Summon Count 7: discount 30% summon fee


NFT Bounty Owners will possibly earn CGC when we release this new feature in March. We will update this feature as soon as possible.