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To create a playground for players in SEASON 2, Heroes TD teams have decided to hold a Mini Online Tournament event with many fascinating and valuable rewards. By joining this event, players will have the opportunity to meet many players from many different countries and will challenge themselves with other strong players.

We hope this Mini Online Tournament will become a memorable milestone for all participants and set a background for other Tournament to be held in the future! LET’S JOIN NOW TO GET MANY VALUABLE REWARDS!


  • Top 1: 1 SSR x SSR Orb (Summon Count = 3) and 1 SSR x SR Orb (Summon Count = 3)
  • Top 2: 1 SR x SR Orb (Summon Count = 2) and 1 SR x SR Orb (Summon Count = 1)
  • Top 3: 3 SR x SR Orbs (Summon Count = 1)
  • Top 4: 2 R x R Orbs (Summon Count = 1)
  • Top 5 – Top 8: 1 R x R Orb (Summon Count = 1)
  • Top 9 – Top 16: 1 R x C Orb (Summon Count = 1)


  • Registration time: February 28th, 2022 – March 15th, 2022
  • Tournament time: March 17th, 2022 – March 27th, 2022


  • 8 Players/ Group
  • Maximum number of players: 64 players

HeroesTD team will select players and divide them in suitable group based on their strengths.


  • User must have at least 1 NFT Hero to join in the Tournament.
  • User must transfer 50 HTD as Fee to HeroesTD team. If you are not selected in the Tournament Player List, 50 HTD will be sent back to your wallet.


Please note that in order to finish the registration, you must transfer successfully 50 HTD to this wallet 0xaf04f0090a4BdAf7D3a353058780750AD644DAD0 and send the TxHash in the Registration Form.