In order to re-balance the HeroesTD in-game economy as well as bring the best gameplay experience to all users, we kindly announce the NEW UPDATE – ENERGY POOL ADJUSTMENT. Details of this update are as follow:

1. Energy pool: 10 Energies for each user

2. Non-NFT Heroes will also receive Energies

3. The more Heroes you have, the more Energies you receive

4. How to calculate Energy in the new version:

  • 1 Non-NFT Hero (tier C or higher) = 1 Energy
  • 1 NFT Hero = 2 Energies

5. The maximum energies for each user is 50

6. Energy refresh mechanism:

  • If you add a new NFT Hero in-game, you will receive Energy the next day.
  • If you buy a non-NFT hero in HeroesTD shop (only applied for rarity C and higher rarity), you will receive energy immediately.

Stay tuned and update for the next version now!