Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players are able to summon Heroes in order to attack enemy bases and defend their bases. In this game, players can use a variety of different strategies to find the most suitable one for their team to win. There are some recommendations that you can optimize Hero Lucia for your TEAM as follow:

Characteristics: As a general who favors multi-target control and also has the potential to become an AP carry. So that items and classes that can add damage and mana will be extremely suitable for this hero.

Item: Items that increase AP and mana will be a suitable choice for Lucia and they will help Lucia become a semi-carry who is also a controlling position in the squad. Alternatively, you can also use pure resistance items as an alternative. Lucia’s baby spiders will also become more annoyed if her health is too high.


Set 1: Zeal blade – Discipline – Gem of Memories

Set 2: Bone Crusher – Destiny Blade – Jambiya

Set 3: Ancestor’s Faith – Void Cuirass – Bloodborn

Rune: Ancestor’s Relic and Inquisitor’s Command will be two extremely valuable runes for this champion, they will help Lucia deal better damage and control more opponents. In addition, you can also use defensive runes to increase the discomfort of this champion.

Set 1: Ancestor’s Relic – Hunter’s Treasure – Lionheart

Set 2: Icewind Talon – Frost Armor Rune – Astral Rune

Set 3: Inquisitor’s Command – Seal of Refraction – Megamorph Sphere

Class: Mage and Enlightenment will be two extremely important classes for this champion. In addition, Dual Duel can also be considered for use on this champion.

Optimal: Wizard – Enlightened – Duelist

Alternative: Classes similar to allies


Lucia is not too picky in choosing classes, so you should use it.

Origin Divine – Brawler or Vanguard to make this champion stronger.

Optimization: Divine – Brawler – Vanguard

Alternative: Origins similar to teammates


She is a hero with low Physical Damage so Random target will be the best choice for her to avoid increasing mana for the enemies, making them difficult to cast skills.