Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players are able to summon Heroes in order to attack enemy bases and defend their bases. In this game, players can use a variety of different strategies to find the most suitable one for their team to win. There are some recommendations that you can optimize Hero Montblanc for your TEAM as follow. If you discover a team that suits Montblanc better, do not hesitate to share it with us to spread it to everyone.

Skill Platform: Corrosive Strike (passive): Basic attacks deal extra poison damage and mark this target for 6s. When the target is destroyed while still having the marking effect, a poison field will be created at that location and deal bonus damage to units within the affected area for 4s.

Skill Road: Rolling Scrambler: Negates all slows and increases movement speed for 2s, now MontBlanc cannot be slowed.

Characteristic: Montblanc’s power creates poison that deals magic damage based on hand attacks so the factors that make Montblanc stronger will be attack speed and AP.

Set 1: Alphatic Firepower – Magician Cape – Dragon Band

Set 2: Zeal Blade – Alphatic Firepower – Magician Cape

Set 3: Gigamesh – Drangon Band – Bloodborn

Rune: The ability to poison is Montblanc’s main source of damage, so to optimize it, aim for as many poisoned enemies as possible. Here are a few sets of Runes that increase Montblanc’s ability to poison.

Set 1: Multishot – Joomong’s Eyeslash – Astral

Set 2: Joomong’s Eyeslash – AstralWicked Charm

Set 3: Multishot – Joomong’s Eyeslash – Frost Armor

Class: To optimize the strength of Montblanc, classes that are more about AP and attack speed like Elderwood – Duelist – Warlord should be prioritized.

Origin: Montblanc’s Origin should be built around the allied hero system to power up while on the road. At the moment, there are three origins suitable for Montblanc: Brawler – Vanguard – Dragonsoul

Target Type: Random – Random target selection allows Montblanc to poison more targets.