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Name: Baal – The Spider King.
Age: Has lived for more than a thousand years.
Pros: Creates many harassing targets.
Cons: Danger decreases markedly over time.
Place: Beast Coast.
Story: Baal is a cosmic super monster that accidentally landed on Eden. After the earthquake that shook the world, he forgot part of his memory, didn’t remember where he came from, who he was. However, he found it enjoyable to feel like an invincible being here. Spider King is trying to attack the world as part of an aggressive memory that still exists in his memory.


Skill: Baal’s Minion After a period of time, the Spider King called out three baby spiders to appear at the portal.

– Spider 1: has 1.2 speed and 10% of Spider King’s max health

– Spider 2: has 1.5 speed and 10% of Spider King’s max health

– Spider 3: has 2 speed and 5% of Spider King’s max health

Spider King has 50% resistance to effects.



Based on Baal’s skills and attack style, there will be three heroes capable of countering Baal: Wukong, Karla and Yol.

Wukong: It’s not too difficult to realize that Wukong is a hard counter for ground bosses. With the ability to throw his desired stick into the street to block ground targets, Wukong will completely make Baal and the spiders unable to reach the main house.
Karla: Possessing strong damage along with the ability to spread the target, Karla will defeat Baal and his swarm of spiders.
Yol: When the boss appeared, Yol had already completed his two transformations. At this time, Yol’s damage is huge, just a few hits can send Baal and the spiders to hell.


Baal possesses a huge amount of health, so Rune Hunter’s Treasure will increase the ability to destroy Baal and the Minions. In addition, to prevent Baal’s advance, Rune Icewind Talon will be an effective solution for this.


Lineup A: Class: Assasin. Origin: Brawler.

Karla – Zandalor – Anub – Sena – Wukong

Lineup B: Class: Duelist. Origin: Brawler.

Yol – Lonah – Harley – Anub – Wukong

Lineup C: Class: Duelist. Origin: Brawler.

Yol – Zandalor – Sena – Anub – Wukong


This is the most basic type of boss, the initial stage players will have a lot of trouble if they do not find the right squad in particular and tactics in general. Hopefully, after this article, you will have moments of comfort to overcome with HeroesTD without having to be afraid of the spiders.