Name: Viper – The Giant Snake
Age: Risen Dawn in the 9th year of Eden
Pros: Uses a move to increase movement speed for a short time.
Cons: No effect on pedestals
Habitat: Beast Coast.
Story: Originally, Snake was just a small creature. But because its survival habits are too good. It eats almost everything around it. Eat so much that there are only arid deserts around.


Skill: Thrush Move

After a period of time, Snake removes all slows and dashes forward 1 segment. During this time, the boss will be immune to all slows and destroy all obstacles in the way.

Snake has 80% resistance to effects.



Based on Viper’s skills and attack style, there will be 3 heroes capable of countering Viper: Wukong, Sena, Karla and Yol.

Wukong: Although Viper’s ability can destroy obstacles in the way, when Viper moves, it does not have that ability. So, Wukong’s stick will still reduce Viper’s attack speed.

Karla và Yol: Đây là hai vị tướng có sát thương tốt nhất hiện tại trong HeroesTD. Với một boss trâu bò như Viper thì không có sự lựa chọn nào tốt hơn hai cô nàng này để làm chủ lực cho team.


For a tough Boss like Viper, the best countermeasure for it is Rune Hunter’s Treasure. This is the number one choice for hand-to-hand combat champions when attacking the Boss.


Lineup A: Class: Duelist. Origin: Brawler

Yol – Lonah – Harley – Anub – Wukong

Lineup B: Class; Assasin. Origin: Brawler

Karla – Zandalor – Wukong – Sena – Anub

Lineup C: Class: Duelist. Origin: Brawler

Yol – Karla – Lonah – Wukong – Harley


This is the most basic boss type, the initial stage players will have a lot of trouble with Viper’s attack speed. However, when building a reasonable squad, Viper will no longer be a scary threat. Hopefully after this article, you will have moments of comfort with HeroesTD. See you at Maybe You Don’t Know next time.