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  • What is a bounty introduction?
  • Bounty is a form in which new ICOs are organized so that participants can perform the required tasks, in return for receiving a token amount corresponding to what they have done.

  • Bounty Program on Gleam
  • HTD Bounty will be divided into 3 phases:
    1. Phase 1: First Drop

Time: 05/11 - 11/11

💎 Ruby: Top 10 Entry Scorers

🌟 Sapphire: Next highest 30 Entry Scorers

✨ Gold: Next highest 70 Entry Scorers

⭐ Silver: Higher than 20 Entries in  - Max 800 slot

⭐ Bronze: Higher than 15 Entries in - Max 2000 slot

  • Phase 2: Second Drop

Time: 12/11 - 18/11

💎 Ruby: Top 30 Entry Scorers

🌟 Sapphire:: Next highest 70 Entry Scorers

✨ Gold: Next highest 70 Entry Scorers

⭐ Silver: Higher than 70 Entries in - Max 1200 slots

⭐ Bronze: Higher than 50 Entries in - Max 3000 slots

  • Phase 3: Third Drop

Time: 19/11 - 25/11

💎 Ruby: Top 40 Entry Scorers

🌟 Sapphire:: Next highest 100 Entry Scorers

✨ Gold: Next highest 100 Entry Scorers

⭐ Silver: Higher than 20 Entries in - Max 3000 slot

⭐ Bronze: Higher than 15 Entries in - Max 5000 slot

  •  Note:
  • After each stage, all bountyes will be Gleam.
  • The winner will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the period! Or you can check and log in to your wallet.
  • Firstly, players with bronze-Sliver-gold levels will be entitled to Staking when heroes TD's Staking function is launched in December 2021.  These players can Staking bounty Bronze - Sliver - Gold to get CGC tokens
  • Secondly, sapphire-level players have the right to Staking bounty to have slots on the project's IDO Whitelist list.
  • Eventually the players with the highest rank Ruby, they will get 2 benefits at the same time: Staking bounty to be on the Whitelist to buy IDO and Staking bounty Ruby to be on the NFT box purchase list of heroes TD's NFTbox sale.

  • Guide to making bounty deals
    1. Step 1:
  • Registration by link:
  • Inside the interface there is a registration form and full information
    1. Step 2: Do tasks to get points
  • Questions about Bounty

  • How can I claim this Bouty?
  • There are 4 ways to win permission that can require IDO Bounty:
  • You are granted Ruby HTD and Sapphire Bounty HTD
  • You are the winner of our Partner Community Event - click here to check the upcoming event announcement:
  • Some special events in the Official Community of Heroes TD (English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese) for our reltated timeline or official Twitter channel:

  • Some random participants will also be selected for this IDO - so check your daily to make sure you don't miss it.
  • When can I claim this IDO Bounty?
  • Go to: check for your eligable after finish or announced list in our channel - wait for up to 24 hours later to claim - email to: if you are eligable but can't claim the Bounty!
  • What are the benefits of IDO Bounty?
  • Guaranteed a slot in IDO event
  •  Staking is available
    • Note: This IDO Bounty is only available for you to buy the IDO on our website