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ONUS Wallet deposit series:

  1. How to deposit HTD
  2. How to spend eHTD to hire new hero
  3. How to withdraw eCGC to Onus wallet

Below is Deposit HTD into game which is the first step to hire NFT ingame and earn eCGC.

For the convenience of users in depositing and using HTD ingame, we have cooperated with Onus wallet and allow players to Deposit HTD right from the Onus wallet. 

Requirements before starting:

  • You have to download HeroesTD and register an account already
    Download HeroesTD for IOS or Android
  • Make sure you are logged in to the game using the email account you registered with onus wallet.

Step 1: Open Onus App and find feature “HeroesTD” in “More” extension (Three dots icon)

Step 2: Select the token you want to deposit (HTD or CGC)

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit and touch Deposit.

Step 4: Touch on the “Verify” button to verify the transaction

Finally, check your wallet to make sure the transaction was successful, so you can use HTD/CGC coins to rent Heroes in the game and play to earn.
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