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ONUS Wallet deposit series:

  1. How to deposit HTD
  2. How to spend eHTD to hire new hero
  3. How to withdraw eCGC to Onus wallet

After earning eCGC by winning battles, there is the final step to withdraw eCGC into Onus wallet, and exchange it for real earnings

NOTE: Please make sure that the in-game email matches the Onus email! If you do not add your email to your Onus account, you can add it to “My Profile”

Step 1: Open the Onus App and find the feature “HeroesTD” in the extension (Three dots icon)

Step 2: Select the token that you want to withdraw (HTD or CGC)

Step 3: Enter the amount that you want to withdraw and then click “Withdraw”

Finally, If the “success” table is displayed, it means your withdrawal is successful.

You can already buy and sell HTD / CGC in Onus or put on DEX

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