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Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn Tower Defense game, where players can buy NFT Heroes on Marketplace, summon and use them to earn CGC and HTD.

Users will be provided with 8 non-NFT Heroes at first. However, only NFT Heroes can earn CGC and HTD. NFT Heroes can only be purchased from the Marketplace, or be summoned by using 2 NFT Heroes.

If you want to get some NFT Heroes and start to earn, here is the tutorial for fresh users from the very beginning. Let’s get started:

1. Install HeroesTD

2. Log in game with your email address to create an account.

You can name your account at this step.

3. Access Dapp:

In Dapp, you can start purchasing NFT HeroesTD on Marketplace (will be mentioned at step 5), adding NFT Heroes to start playing and earn (will be mentioned at step 6), and summoning to have more NFT Heroes (will be mentioned at step 7)

3. Log in with the email address you have signed up in game

4. Connect your wallet

If you do not have Metamask wallet, let’s create one following the TUTORIAL HERE

5. Purchase NFT Heroes on Marketplace

6. Add NFT Heroes into game to start playing and earning CGC and HTD

After buying NFT Heroes on Marketplace, you can add NFT Heroes into to start playing and earning CGC and HTD. Follow the TUTORIAL HERE

Please be noted that you must have at least 10 HTD if you want to add NFT HeroesTD into game. If you have not had HTD, buy some HTD following the TUTORIAL HERE

7. Summon NFT Heroes to receive more better NFT Heroes

You can summon 2 NFT Heroes to receive one more NFT Hero. Start summoning, following the TUTORIAL HERE

8. You can know more about the strengths/ weaknesses every Heroes HERE to starting building your team.

9. Let’s play and earn!

How to play? – Follow the TUTORIAL HERE

How to earn? – Follow the TUTORIAL HERE